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Runcam Split 2 on the Mini Talon

By bonafidepirate, 14 Nov 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Runcam sent me a Split 2 to try out, so I swapped out the original Split on the Mini Talon. I mounted it using parts of the "Split Hack" from Flite Test. (links below) I like the changes they made with the SD card slot and all, but the relatively noisy analog video is still there, as are the lines you can see in the HD video if you look close. Not sure what those are, I'm guessing it's something to do with the way the sensor is cropping/binning pixels or whatever it does to get different resolutions. To get straight to the point, this Split 2 is a little nicer than the Split 1, you won't see much difference in the video, HD or analog, if you already have the 1, I probably wouldn't go out and buy the 2, but if you're looking to buy a Split now, the 2 is better than the 1... lol (SD card slot is better, wider range if input voltage)

Here's some links:

Split 2 at Banggood, affiliate link if you want to help me out:

...or direct from Runcam if you dont :) (You can also find the manual there to download for full specs and all that good info)

Flite Test Split mount kit: (I used this to mount the board behind the camera on the pan/tilt that was already on my Mini Talon) Video for the mount kit:

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