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» The Best FPV Plane ???

By Stunt Double FPV, 19 Nov 2017 into Mini Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

Is the X-UAV Mini Talon the best FPV plane?

Over the years I have flown and crashed many FPV planes but nothing compares to the Mini Talon. This plane is so versatile and a joy to fly. I recently set my distance PB with this plane at 40km and now i've converted it into a video rig using a 3-axis GoPro Session gimbal. The Mini Talon is a great all-rounder.

This flight was on a beautiful day at the Melbourne Sewage Treatment Plant aka The Shit Farm. It was a calm & foggy day, but just the right amount of fog vs clear sky for an exciting flight. The other Mini Talon was flown by KahnX.

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