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Nano Talon Black Ops - Cruising Around

By bonafidepirate, 06 Oct 2019 into Nano Talon in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

This was just a quick fun flight this evening with the Nano Talon BO. Last night I laminated the wings. (I had a roll of 1.7mil "new stuff" sitting around so why not? lol) When laminating them, I made sure the wings ended up nice and flat with no twists, so I wanted to take it up and re-trim everything, then took it around the fields flying low just for fun! The air was a little turbulent close to the ground where I wanted to fly, but nothing stopping me from having a good time flying... lol I also got a chance to try the VC400 camera with the sun at about the worst possible height in the sky, but it handled it pretty good! As far as the AIO cameras go, this is the best one I've used for sure! It's not as nice a a typical FPV camera, but it's so much smaller and lighter, and simpler to use... lol I'm liking the Kopilot more and more each time I fly it too.

Nano Talon Evo -
Kopilot -
VC400 AIO -
Or both in a combo to save a few bucks -
(The FPV version of the plane includes the VC400 and Kopilot already, PNP does not.)
Aomway DIV006 video receiver -
Triple feed patch antenna -
Foxeer Pagoda Pro -
FrSky R9M/R9MM -
Titan 4S Li-Ion battery -

Music is "Ohayo — Smith The Mister"


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