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RAW Strix Nano Goblin iNav Autotune crash.

By Litter Bug, 27 Sep 2019 into Strix Nano Goblin in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

So, it appears I was not as prepared to get back in to manual/passthrough mode and disable autotune if something went wrong. I did get out of autotune at one point, but was still in AIR mode with the borked auto settings. Going to review my switch settings to prevent this from happening again. found 95% of the pieces. Missing a small part of the belly. Will go look for it in better light tomorrow. RX RSSI in the video is 50% of what it should be. It's a known "setting" bug... have fixed it by setting RSSI_max to 50 (sigh) The video RSSI fields are overlaid by the FuriousFPV Dock-King with a True-D 3.9.

Gear as flown:
Strix Nano Goblin PNP with alternate 20A ESC
FC: BetaFlightF3
firmware: iNav 2.2.1
RX: R9-Mini f.port 100mw
Vtx: RMRC Cricket 200mw 5.8ghz
Ant: VAS Minion
Batt: Strix 3S 18650
Prop: APC 4.1x4.1
GPS: RMRC mini 180

FuriousFPV Dock-King fw 2.8
FuriousFPV True-D FW 3.9
Patch: ImmersionRC LZR Spiro Net
Omni: Menace Pagoda
DVR: HMDVR 720x480


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