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Strix Nano Goblin 35 minute flight

By Ricky Gode, 17 Mar 2019 into Strix Nano Goblin in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

My longest flight so far with the Strix Nano Goblin. My virtual current sensor in the Matek 405 mini says I burned 1594mAh (I put back in 1352mAh...) and I flew a total distance of 16.7 miles! I think I can push it to 45 minutes...DVR Recording by the Spectrum 4.3" FPV Video Monitor with DVR (SPMVM435)

My setup:
Strix Nano Goblin PNP
ESC: STRIX Cobra 10A with 2A UBEC
Motor: STRIX Cobra 1407 3500KV
Prop: Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052
Servos: 2 x STRIX Emax ES9051 Digital
RMRC 2s LiIo 3200mah
Matek F405 mini
inav 2.1
Runcam Micro Swift 2
Spektrum FPV Quad Race Serial Receiver
Immersion RC Tramp HV
VAS Minion Antenna w/ u.FL Connector

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