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Strix Nano Goblin - unboxing, FPV build & not a great maiden

By ZaksterBlue, 07 Sep 2018 into Strix Nano Goblin in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

I'm being challenged by reflex and CG on this tiny plank, but I'm getting closer. I also think I should swap over to a APC 4.1" 2-blade prop to get a bit more thrust, but one thing at a time...

Strix Nano Goblin PNP package from RMRC
MatekSys F411-Wing iNav flight controller
Runcam Split V2
30A BLHeli-S ESC (opto)
FrSky L9R RX
TBS Triumph antenna
Basen 18650 3500mah LiIon batteries from BangGood

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