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??? Strix Nano Goblin - Sub 250g long range INAV wing build

By Giz FPV, 26 Aug 2018 into Strix Nano Goblin in Fixed Wing Watch on YouTube »

A detailed step by step guide to build a sub 250g long range capable Strix Nano Goblin, plus full instructions showing how to configure INAV.

Credit to my friend Joe, as it was him who figured out the parts.

The CLI codes:
set max_angle_inclination_rll = 600
set max_angle_inclination_pit = 600
set small_angle = 180
set nav_fw_bank_angle = 35
set nav_rth_altitude = 7000
set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 0
set nav_rth_allow_landing = NEVER
set disarm_kill_switch=OFF

The ESC manual:

Music provided by Argofox:
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