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FPV Drone Interfaces

By The Modern Rogue, 07 Dec 2018 into FPV.Blue HD FPV in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »

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Unedited footage for this episode ($5+ patrons):
We just barely scratched the surface here, if you want to dig deeper you should really check out Kelly's videos at
Additional Information
(Cornell University) Towards Low-Latency and Ultra-Reliable Virtual Reality
(PC Gamer) Evaluating VR performance and latency with Futuremark's VRMark
(Amazon) BumbleBEE CX Smart Mini Drone w/Propeller Guard
(Audible) Brian's rec: "Ego Is the Enemy" by Ryan Holiday
(Audible) Jason's rec: "Hollow" by Owen Egerton
A Literature Review on Reaction Time
(fpvblue) FPV video latency comparison
Discord (patron reward):
MR Articles:
Outtakes & BTS:
Music used in this episode:
"Spacesuits" by Kupla
"Where You Do Belong" by Cullah
"Yes Please" by Tane
"Things Work Out Eventually" by fantompower
"Boys' Bop" by Birocratic
"Still Shining" by Badsummer

Most of the music from the show:
This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood - host --
Jason Murphy - host --
Brandt Hughes - camera operator / editor -- -
Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer (ad) --
Wyatt Laster - live audio engineer
Kelly Shores - guest -- -

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