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Fixed Wing Tuning Guide for INAV

By Pawel Spychalski, 09 Sep 2019 into iNav in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »
Today, step by step, tuning guide for all of you flying fixed wings (including flying wings) with #INAV onboard! No, I will not give you a magical formula: put this here and it's done. It's a real step by step list of what you have to do to tune your fixed-wing #airplane. Starting from the center of gravity, rates, servo trimming and finally #tuning vital INAV parameters.
The goal of this tuning is to have INAV take all that's the best from the fixed-wing itself, especially built-in stability and not to make thing worse.

Table of contents:
0:18 Starting Point - CG point, correct build, thrust to weight
2:10 Rates
5:11 Servo Autotrim
6:12 Autotune
7:23 So far, a short recap before going further
9:42 Main Course - PID/PIFF tuning, gyro filtering
16:35 Dessert

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Recommended hardware:
Alfa Monster 7 inch
AlfaRC Fighter 7 inch

Avenger v2 2507
Racestar BR2508S
iFlight XING 2208

BN-180 GPS
BN-880 GPS

Flight controllers
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE
Mamba F405 stack

Runcam Eagle 2 Pro
Foxeer CAT
RunCam Micro Eagle
Foxeer Arrow Micro

Arduino compatible boards
Arduino Pro Mini

N1201SA VSWR meter
Uni-T UT210E clamp meter
Uni-T UT373 tachometer

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