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??Flying with inav

By JustForFun RC, 26 May 2019 into iNav in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »

Still testing out my "camera platform"??????
the camera has inbuilt stabilization,
but overall i find it very smooth flying quad, especially considering it's flying on 15$ motors (yes for all 4??).
It also needs tuning, but i still need to learn that part...

the parts on my flying contraption :
*"syu" 2204 2250kv motors
*Matek F405-STD
*Umagawd Remix clone. (yes I feel bad about it, but the original costs about as much as I spent on this build... for 25$ , it was just too good to pass, although the quality is inferior),I'm sorry Tommy ??...
*Gaoneng GNB 14.8V 1300mAh 4S
*Foxeer Predator Mini
*Eachine TX805
*dys XT50403 5040 3-blade
*Dual BN-220 NEO-M8N GPS
*GY-273 HMC5883L Sensor Module 3V-5V Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer

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