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INAV 2.4 - new features and changes

By Pawel Spychalski, 24 Jan 2020 into iNav in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »

INAV 2.4 is here! Sooner than expected and with some interesting features:
DJI FPV system support
RPM filters
Improved filtering
New hardware Matek F722-PX
Linear climb/dive for fixed wings
MSC - use USB cable to download logs from SD Card
Major yaw handling improvements on multirotors

INAV 2.4 RC1 can be downloaded from

 Matek F722-PX

#inav #drones #fpv

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Recommended hardware:
Pirx Seven
TBS Source One
TBS Source One 7-inch arms
Alfa Monster 7 inch

Avenger v2 2507
Racestar BR2508S
iFlight XING 2208

Matek SAM-M8Q
BN-880 GPS
BN-180 GPS

Flight controllers
Holybro Kakute F7
Matek F411 Wing SE
Mamba F722S stack
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE

Caddx Tarsier HD camera
Runcam Eagle 2 Pro
RunCam Micro Eagle
Foxeer Arrow Micro
GoPro Hero 7 Black

Arduino compatible boards
Arduino Pro Mini

Xiaomi Electric Screwdriver
N1201SA VSWR meter
Uni-T UT210E clamp meter
Uni-T UT373 tachometer

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