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Eachine E011 vs E010 Outdoor Test Flight Review And Stock Tx vs Turnigy 9XR Pro With Multiprotocol T

By How To DIY Rc, 27 Aug 2017 into Turnigy 9X(R)(Pro) in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »

Review the eachine e011 vs e010 quadcopter with stock Transmitter and Multiprotocol tx module in the turnigy 9xr pro

Testing the difference and comparing the mini drones outdoor test flight on how much thrust pitch roll and yaw and how easy it's to control all of that during flight

In this Outdoor Test Flight, we Battle the Eachine E011 vs E010 micro quadcopters Checking how well they perform in an outdoor breeze at the coast

Where it's always windy and no place for flying a mini drone in windy conditions so close to salt water!

So don't try this at home this is just to show it's possible to fly the e011 and e010 in windy conditions with the stock transmitter on low and high rates and how easy it can catch it self after a flip

As well checking off the drone don't have to much Yaw and high rates and your Still able to control all that thrust and Speed

Both quadcopters can also Fly with a hobby grade transmitter like the turnigy 9xr pro and frsky radio using the multiprotocol Tx module

The e011 have a different protocol than the e010 and there for an another way of arming/binding it with the Tx

The eachine e011 and H8 both work with the bayang protocol and to arm / bind it

You need to push the roll stick the right and pitch stick move's up then turn on the radio

When the drone lights start flashing really fast that means the binding process is finished and the gyro is calibrating it self

Like you can see in the outdoor test flight review with better gimbals and able to set expo to your liking you get a micro drone

Fly like a big drone that feels completely locked in and flying on rails
Turning your budget micro quadcopter into a very expensive mini drone

Making the e011 with the more powerful motors a serious contender to kill the tiny whoop for every body that likes to spend 20 dollars instead of a whopping 120 dollars for the whoop

It's even possible to flash the FC to enable acro mode flying freestyle and do powerloops for just a few cents... come who doesn't like that

The programs are even Free you just need to DIY a flashing cable with already lot's of tutorials on how to make one and to flash the board

If that is too difficult you can also buy the Tiny eachine Evo Beta Flight Controller that weighs 2 grams to upgrade the e011 flight board to fly acro and with your radio of choose

The E011 definitely won from the E010 with the extra thrust and the possibility to flash the FC to acro mode for Free and cost only a few dollars more than the E010

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