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A Week Of Flying

By CruzanFPV, 14 Nov 2017 into Turnigy 9X(R)(Pro) in FPV Equipment Watch on YouTube »

[Description]: This is what I did on my week off from work.. fly tune.. fly some more.. tune.. and oh yea fly some more.. Best staycation ever.

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[Micro Quad Parts]:
Atmospheric Adventures Apollo 130
FuriosFPV Piko BLX
FuriosFPV Innova VTX/OSD
Emax 1306 Red Bottoms 3300kv
Venom 850mah 4s 50C
DAL Props T3045BN
Runcam 2 HD
Runcam Swift w/ IR Block Lens
Littlebee 20amps Pro

[Freestyle Quad Parts]:
ImpulseRC Alien 5
Kiss FC
Lumenier 2206 2350kv
Kiss 24a ESC
Venom 1300mah 4s 75c & 50c
ThunderPower Adrenaline 1300mah 4s 80c
DAL Props Q5040 (My New Favorite Props)
GoPro Session 4
ImmersionRC Tramp
RotorRiots Edition Runcam Swift
TBS Triumph

["Race" Quad Parts]:
RMRC Goby 210
Naze32 Rev6
Cobra 2206 Race Edition 2100kv
LittleBee 20amp ESC
Venom 1300 4s 75c & 50c
ThunderPower Adrenaline 1300mah 4s 80c
Dalprops 5045 v2
Lumenier TX5GPro Mini 200mw
RunCam Swift IR Block
Aomway 5.8ghz Antenna

[Tx and Rx]:
Turnigy 9xr Pro
TBS Tango
Spektrum DM9 Module (Modified)
Spektrum Satellite DSMX

[FPV Gear]:
Fatshark Dominator v3 w/ Fatshark Diversity v2
TBS Triumph & FullPitchRC "God" Helical

[Video/Photo Editing]:
Self Built Gaming/Music/Video Editing PC :-)
Nexus 6P
Presonus AudioBox iTwo Studio Kit

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