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P-47's Scale Formation FPV and LOS 27072019

By AussieHoppy, 27 Jul 2019 into Formation Flying in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

Worth watching start to finish :)
A little formation until Blisters had an "oh kr@p" video moment when his vid feed mashed up and just as our spotter was locating Blisters' plane his video returned... and promptly landed lol
I clowned around for a while and then did a low pass, a gear pass, and landing while Blisters took HD video with my cell phone.
Please excuse:
The lousy HD video my Samsung S8+ made lol
For some reason Blisters' dvr recorded with that funky band at the bottom of the screen.
Hope y'all enjoy viewing as much as we enjoyed the flying :)

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