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FPV Formation with Doug's T-28 and Pilot Comms

By motionsic, 12 Oct 2019 into Formation Flying in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

DJI Goggle RE DVR recording of 1st formation practice flight with Doug Kott's E-flite T-28 (1200 mm), including communication between pilots at the flight line. We had lots of fun and hope to do it again soon!

Lead Pilot: Doug Kott / E-flite T-28 (1200mm)
Chase Pilot: Robert Liao (motionsic) / FMS PC-21 (1100mm)
Spotter: Bob Hunter - many thanks Bob!

Link to Doug's video from belly of T-28 looking at the PC-21 in formation:

#RCPlaneDogfight #RCPlaneFormation #FPVPlaneFormation

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