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Tuckie's Waco, FPV Aerobatics and Formation Flight - HD 50fps

By Airguardian, 21 Mar 2019 into Formation Flying in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

This was my first formation flight with Tuckie's Waco, chasing him with my FPV Bixler, and we got some nice air to air shots of the sortie :)

Earlier I had chased the Waco of another friend using my Robocat quadcopter, you can see the footage here:

The aerial footage of the formation flight is mixed with some ground video of the Waco performing FPV aerobatics. All the flights were entirely conducted in FPV, both by the Waco and the Bixler, formation flight AND aerobatics.

The aerial takes were shot 'air-to-air' on a Firefly Q6 action cam attached to a Hobbyking FPV-modded Bixler.

Usually it's Tuckie chasing my aircraft but here but this time we changed roles! :)

Waco pilot: Ernest Tuckie
Bixler pilot: Alejandro Ibáñez

Music: John Deley
Ground video: Alejandro Ibáñez

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