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??? Cinematic Formation flying | Long Range chasing | KerniFPV and FluxFPV

By Kerni FPV, 05 Nov 2018 into Formation Flying in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

#FluxFPV and me #KerniFPV finally met and spent 2 days full of flies and fun with our FPV Quads.
It's like a dream finally coming true when I saw his first Drone videos years ago I always thought to myself, oh man one day I have to fly my Quad like him and my fpv videos have to look so super smooth.
In a long history where I met great guys from the FPV community like Trappy, Johnny, luke, Gap and so on, it finally happened that I meet Peter alias Flux FPV and he is a super nice guy and the flights were epic. So go out and check out his channel!

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A Cinematic Video and Formation flying was the goal for these flights, but some of you would say now for sure that is not cinematic the first reason is that I stay at 60p and not 24p or 30p maybe I will do that in another video to make that super cinematic look perfect let me know if you are interested in such an edit.

We flew a lot of clear Long Range proximity lines between the trees and down the mountains with our Racing quadcopter and that alone looks like I think super cinematic :), but unfortunately my GoPro Hero 6 didn't work properly because it blurred the whole background and didn't focus, it turned out afterward that the lens was out of focus and had to be repaired by GoPro. So please don't look too detailed at the background :)

FPV Formation flying and long range flying is always fun and nothing brings my heart more to beat as this kind of flying my quadcopters, and the best part is doing this with someone like Peter aka Flux FPV, Keep talking and searching for the best mountain surf and not to lose each other out of sight in mid air is not to easy.

This making of drone videos is also something new for me in another matter this is the first time that I use Reelsteady to iron out the last macks, for those who want to see that video without Reelsteady I have a link without Reelsteady editing there you can see that it was very smooth even without it, just comment when you want the link.

I also decided to give the whole thing a color touch of its own or otherwise said I'm trying to get a uniform color look for my future videos, please let me know in the comments how you like it.

All in all, this is one of the longest edits I've ever made it put more than 9 days in this project (without flying)
But to deliver this ingenious footage of mr. Flux and me and his visit to me the best possible result was definitely worth it to me.

Longrange flying with our quadcopter and Drone Chasing is and was always the best it's like dreaming you see the beautiful landscape and I enjoy that a lot! And all of this would be not possible without the TBS Crossfire RC link System!
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We hope you enjoy this relaxing flight!

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Frame: Reverb
FC: Revolt
ESC: TBS 2in1 Blheli_S,
Motors: Hobbywing 2400,
Probs: HQ 5x4,3x3 VS1
Battery: 1500mha SLS NOC
VideoTR: TBS Vision Board
Antena: TBS Triumph
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano with Immortal T
FPV camera: Runcam swift 2
FPV glasses: Fatshark Transformer HD + Clearview TBS
HD Camera: GoPro Hero 6 Black
Taranis + TBS Crossfire Modul Full Size + TBS Tunning Antenna

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