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How to Long Range Without Losing Your Drone

By PinchTune, 27 Jan 2020 into Record Breakers! in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

In this video I go over an entire 4 mile round trip FPV flight. The goal is to do a safe long range FPV flight where not only do I complete the flight, but I also have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. This is the way to do long range with low risk. If were to go down, while it would take a minute and a half to go retrieve the quad, it’s totally doable. I go over my FPV drone setup, battery size and voltage and antennas. I also go into a bit of detail about my control link, video receiver and antenna placement. Furthermore, one of the most valuable gems is the narration of the actual flight, with the DV-R. This really shows you my thought process the entire flight. While this sort of FPV flight is not all that exciting to watch, as compared to ridge surfing or a cliff dive, it serves a good proof of concept for you guys wanting to try longer flights.

The video I reference about how to start in long range FPV is this one:

That time I (nearly) lost my quad:

Pilots mentioned in this episode:

Brady McLaughlin @LaffinFPV

Kyle Isbell @ki_lowatt

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