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Yeti Long Range FPV Frame by Rebel

By Rebel Miniquads, 08 Nov 2019 into Record Breakers! in FPV Niches Watch on YouTube »

Introducing the Yeti Airframe by Rebel
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Rebel has developed a new platform to take your endurance flights to the next level!
Rebel’s development team has a long history of pushing the limits of long-range and this year… we’re going BIG!
The Yeti was designed to fly faster, farther and longer. The Yeti is a big quad but it also hauls big batteries and it does this without sacrificing speed, efficiency or stick feel. We’ve accomplished this through a feature-packed design with RAW FPV performance at the heart of it all.

Whether your diving shoots, surfing ridge-lines, or railing parks… The Yeti brings solid performance on a larger prop.
The Yeti has 10mm thick carbon fiber arms that are anchored into solid aluminum brackets. The Yeti also sports a super slammed top deck battery mount. This pulls the mass of the quad closer to the center increasing flight agility while also decreasing tuning hassle.

Here at Rebel, we know how bad it sucks to get back from an awesome day of flying, pulling your SD card, only to have it filled with jello ridden shots. Addressing this issue is a unique isolated camera pod. Designed to isolate your GoPro from those nasty high-frequency vibrations that tend to sabotage either your onboard or post stabilization efforts.

The Yeti is a Long Range platform at heart, and to stay true to that the antenna placement is highly optimized for peak RF performance.
With these tall vertical antenna mounts, included SMA extension and an aluminum VTX heatsink you can expect STRONGER CONTROL LINK, BETTER VIDEO, and HIGHER CONFIDENCE when you’re taking your FPV to the ULTIMATE LIMIT!

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