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Build specs polyhedral RC motor glider

By Richard Cassella, 11 Feb 2020 into ExperimentalAirlines in FPV Shows Watch on YouTube »

scratch build motor glider specs
Fuselage: (2) 3/8 inch X 36 inch square dowels taped together to make a length of 48 inches.
Wing: (3) Dollar Tree foam boards 22 X 30 shaped into a KFM3 style wing with a 9 inch chord.
Final wing is 90 X 9 inches with a dihedral of 7 inches at the wing tips.
You can learn how to make to KFM3 wing watching the following video.
special thanks to:
How to - KFm airfoils

I joined the wings using Experimental airlines method. Watch following video. Ed @ experimental airlines
Noob Tube - Dihedral & Polyhedral Wings

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