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The Snow Plow Show Episode 500 - The Hits So Far

By The Snow Plow Show, 30 Sep 2018 into MyGeekShow in FPV Shows Watch on YouTube »

Here’s a best-of show for all the new listeners, containing 12 calls that were chosen by listeners. The greatest prank call hits of the past six years is brought to you by Nickyd, The Anti Chris, Frank Caller, Vandershire, and notdan.

Show art by Nik Caesar at

Opening song by Jay Dee

Visit Nik’s t-shirt store and support his Patreon

The Who’s A Good Boy call from the beginning has full video on it of RBCP losing his shit when the lady does things to that dog

The Comcast complainer call is taken from the September 6th, 2014 episode, where you can hear a lot of other Comcast complainers

The Starbucks counterfeit bill call claims to have a sequel to it if you look at the annotation

The Subway slogan contest is from Episode 432 – the rest of the show has many more slogans

There are no calls coming to your house

Amazon Drone Deliveries is from the December 11th, 2016 episode

Trick Ass Ho has video that includes chat room ideas for the call

Mr. Dobalina’s Wonderful World of Prank Calls

Brad’s Cactus Shack

Madhouse Live

Dwight The Janitor


Calls of Mass Confusion

Partytime with Laugh Track Matt and Zax

Ending song by Reefer Badness

Background songs are Five Big Boners by Rappy McRapperson, Bill Gates by Leet Geek Beat, Technical Writer by The Doubleclicks, Free Water by Redbox and the Chilipeppers, Emo Swag by Emergency Pizza Party, Snow Plow Show Trance by MicroKORGI, Strong In The Real Way by Arcade Unicorn, Stranger In The Basement by Bonecage, Wish by Rappy McRapperson, Haunted Candies by Trash80

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