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Review: SkyZone 03O OLED FPV goggles

By RCModelReviews, 04 Nov 2019 into RCModel Reviews in FPV Shows Watch on YouTube »

Wow. Just Wow! If you fly FPV RC planes or drones then these goggles will knock your socks off with their clarity, contrast, color-vibrancy and ability to make even the worst camera look fantastic.

- fantastic picture
- excellent fit and comfort
- built-in 5.8GHz diversity receivers
- power button
- available in a range of colors/patterns
- excellent DVR

- not cheap (but best value if you're not already a FatShark user)
- not as high resolution as the FS HDO2s (but very close)
- no focus adjustment (but will take diopters)

Bottom line:
If you want the best in analog FPV eyewear then it's either these or the FatShark HDO2s. If you don't already have a RapidFire or TBS Fusion module then the SkyZone 03O goggles represent the best value in OLED units and are a recommended buy.

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