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Minecraft Build Battle: Didn't See the Boobies!

By NeoNaXet, 21 Oct 2015 into RCTVUK in FPV Shows Watch on YouTube »

Hey guys whats up this is NeoNaXet from GoldenSwordsINC and I'm bringing you the first of hopefully many mini games with HiddenSentinels and StarFinder from SamGladiators Crew. we are playing on the Hypixel server however we do not get the power to choose what we can build so we are building from the default list they give, but i hope you guys enjoy and so from me, Hidden, Star, and everyone else that works at GoldenSwordsINC we will see you all in the next episode, BYE!

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All Titles, Animations, and editing has been created, and recorded by NeoNaXet of GoldenSwordsINC.

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