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By RCTV-UK, 30 Nov 2015 into RCTVUK in FPV Shows Watch on YouTube »

Hi guys welcome to my Review of the RunCam HD2.

Before I start I want to deal with disclosure, RunCam did send me this for review but I promise you I will not let that affect my judgment.

So in the box you will get...

A RunCam HD2
A mounting pod with 14/20 tripod adapter and a GoPro type adapter.
Leads to hook up a monitor or to run the cam as an FPV cam without it’s replaceable battery.
A pair of RunCam branded straps and the RunCams rechargeable and replacable 850mah 3.7v battery.

So what have RunCam given us in the HD MK2.

Well firstly and IMO most importantly we have now got 1080p @60fps which is what you’ll want to be using for anything with fast paced motion like mini quad racing.

In addition to the 1080 60 mode you’ll have 1440 @30fps 1080 @30fps and 720 120fps I only recommend using if you have enough available light which is not just for this camera that will go for any cam shooting at a high frame rate.

The HD2 has a 120 degree field of view, it produces .MOV files and is capable of being powered via it’s USB port @ anywhere between 5 and 17 volts which means you can run it from a 2-4s li-poly battery set up.

It will accept unto a 64gb micro SD card and the manufacturer recommends using at least class 6 card.

HD2 weighs 49g with it’s battery but just 35 grams without, so that could be the way the quad racers will run it as every gram counts when hooning around corners at mach 2 in a 180 sized quad.

While we are on the subject of FPV this cam has one of the lowest latency outputs of 60ms when @1080p 60fps and just 40ms when @ 720p 120fps.

Now I am still not sure whether that is low enough for the likes of Chad Novak or Luke Bannister to fly with as the main FPV camera but it is super tough, low profile and cheaper to replace than a GoPro so I am sure we’ll start to see some of the worlds top pilots using this cam.

Price at the moment direct from the RunCam store is just £65 uk pounds so almost £40 pounds cheaper than the cheapest GoPro and IMO this is a much better format than the large bulky GoPro shape.

Bruce from RC Model Review has had it on the bench proving the claims that this is indeed a very low RF noise camera performing best out of the bunch.

Another brilliant first look video from 7DEMO7 shows just how sexy the image out of this cam is.

I will link to both of these videos in the description.

Now there are other options out there like the Foxeer Legend 1 but the RunCam is lighter, shorter in the side by side video which I watched recently was much much sharper.

The HD2 also has built in WiFi and a downloadable app just like you get with the GoPro line of action cams. Available for both IOS and Android users. So gone are the days of not being able to change settings in the field or seeing what you are getting before hitting record.

I like that the door on the back of the camera hides and protects the SD card, no more searching for hours to find the ejected SD card that has your best trick or flight recorded on it. This really shows that RunCam are listening to the feedback from the RC community and implementing these tweaks into their products so kudos for that.

So that brings me to the end of my review, I know some of you may have been expecting to see some test footage but the weather here has been terrible and most days are overcast and dark. There are links in the description to all the videos I mentioned earlier including one of Oscar Liangs Blog. His reviews are top notch and he has test footage of the HD2 up against the previous RunCam HD version, a GoPro Hero4 and a Xiaomi Yi.

Look out for footage from in two builders reviews coming up on the channel as I will be using this camera exclusively in those videos.

So that’s my review of the RunCam HD2, I hope you found this video helpful. If you did please give me a thumbs up as that really helps the channel and if you haven’t already please subscribe for more content from RCTVUK. I am Malc Barnard bye for now….


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