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??Mavic Mini - 5 reasons not to buy it(as a professional)

By DronesGator, 03 Nov 2019 into DJI Mavic in Multirotors Watch on YouTube »

Get the Mavic Mini here?
Video review of a better alternative for pros(same price) ?

Mavic Mini Vs Mavic Air vs Spark?

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Number 5
The Mavic Mini Can't shoot Raw Photos. It's a $400 drone, so I wouldn't expect that much out of it, but it's so close to the Mavic Air that I expected it to also have this function.

This is more of a treat for professional photographers who would like to make the most out of their dynamic range and color correction.
Otherwise, if you really like taking photos and don't really use to change them a lot, This drone takes incredible 4k pictures.

Number 4

The Mavic Mini doesn't record in Dlog. This could be a later software addition, but I feel like DJI intentionally limited the drone to make others like the Mavic Air still relevant.
Because if the Mini had Raw capability and DLog, not many people would choose to still buy the Air.

This is my conspiracy theory, so don't take it for granted.

Number 3

It doesn't have many flight modes.

The Mavic Mini can only fly in standard Positioning mode, Sport mode and cinematic. Cinematic is basically so that the movements of the drone are smoother, from turning around to the gimbal movement.

I personally don't use flight modes anyway, I prefer doing everything manually.

It does come with quickshot modes like dronie, orbit,helix but they're more like gimmicks.

What I wish this had was the classical course lock flight and maybe waypoints, that can be pretty useful to set the drone to a certain path so you can turn it around and record as if you only control the camera.

Number 2

It doesn't have a follow me mode... yet.

I say yet because this is again another software limitation, The drone can very well follow you in the quickshot modes, like when it's doing a circle around you and such.

DJI may have chose to remove this because it's a bit more dangerous to fly without having obstacle avoidance. Yes the Mavic mini also doesn't have obstacle avoidance in front, although it may look like it.

Again, I don't use the obstacle avoidance that much, as I find it limiting, but such a small drone couldn't do that much damage.

Number 1

There are no manual controls for video camera settings. I Mean ISO and Shutter speed mainly. You can indeed control the Exposure Value from the app, but that's about it.

This means you won't be able to keep the shutter speed at twice the frame rate to get the perfect smooth recording.

And in daylight the footage might come out as being too sharp and jittery because of that Shutter speed.

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