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Mavic Color Profiles all useless? All profiles on Mavic Pro with download links

By QuickAssTutorials, 09 Oct 2018 into DJI Mavic in Multirotors Watch on YouTube »


Really simple - just a lineup of the color profiles on the mavic
2 of these I found to actually be enjoyable: Film and Cool. The rest seem amateurish, like a heavy instagram filter. Anyways, no matter what just make sure you make a custom setting on your drones color settings to TURN CONTRAST DOWN.
I don't know why DJI ships all drones default with the tackiest settings in place, but anyway, contrast and saturation i always keep -2
Sharpness +1 (to negate crappy software blurring)
Contrast -2
Saturation - 2

Edit the color/contrast in your editor if you can. But if you don't plan to do any coloring at all to it, leave saturation at 0.

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