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Eachine M80S Tiny Whoop Micro FPV racing drone review - Flight & Features tests (Part II)

By Bill M - RC, 29 Jun 2018 into Tiny Whoop in Racing Drones Watch on YouTube »

Eachine M80S review.This Eachine M80S RTF Tiny Whoop Micro FPV Racing drone review includes Features & Flight tests with altitude hold, 3 flight modes & one button recovery inversion. This 600TVL FPV 25mw 5.8ghz 48 ch, 3 flight modes, RTF drone also has a button to rollover or invert it back upright if it lands upside down. THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO ALL DISABLED PEOPLE. You can get this here:

You can see my Part I Unboxing, Inpection & Setup review of this M80S here:

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