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Inductrix BL - Bind- Setup - Review | FPV OSD Setup - Brushless "TinyWhoop"

By Grayson Hobby, 04 Oct 2018 into General FPV Reviews in Reviews Watch on YouTube »

Grayson Hobby takes a in depth reviews of E-Flites 1st Brushless Inductrix.
Grayson Hobby touches just about every aspect of the Inductrix BL from unboxing, radio Setup, VTX Setup, Goggle Setup, Inside Flying, Top Speed, Outside flying in the wind. Then at the end, we break it down to show you all the components in detail.

This micro FPV drone is PERFECT for a beginner who has no experience flying race drones, however, we do not recommend this quad for anyone who is proficient in flying quads

Whats new with this Inductix. Well Brushless Motors give it more power, On Screen Display (OSD) shows the pilot the critical flight / quad information.

Best radio of choice is the newer Spectrum Transmitters, the telemetry allows the pilot to choose the band and channel of the VTX. So this CANNOT be used with the FrSky or FlySky radio.

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Blade Inductrix BL

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