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Emax TinyHawk Brushless FPV Whoop Simply Awesome LOS and FPV Review

By alishanmao, 27 Dec 2018 into General FPV Reviews in Reviews Watch on YouTube »

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Emax Tinyhawk is an exceptionally nice Rough and Tough FPV Whoop for Indoor FPV Whooping and Indoor FPV Racing. TinyHawk is a 75mm Indoor racing drone with 08025 brushless motor featuring durable ball bearing for increase flight performance and low maintenance. The frame is made of Durable polypropylene plastic with propeller guards and its not easy to break upon crashes.

TinyHawk can take Speeds up to 56kph and offers Up to 4 minutes flight time on single battery. Equipped with a Fast F4 Processor, TinyHawk offers smooth and stable flight performance for FPV Whooping and Indoor FPV Racing. Unique inverted motor design to keep CG as low as possible to fit in the smallest of spaces. 25mw VTX and 600tvl Camera included for fun FPV flight via FPV style goggles and FPV System offers solid live video feed even indoors around obstacles and behind walls.

You can use Smart Audio function to change VTX channel via your transmitter and tweak OSD settings to customize flight feel. TinyHawk comes Pre-tuned from factory by expert pilots and new pilots in mind. Offering 3 rate profile settings for all types of flying feel. It has Plug in type motors for easy maintenance. Don’t forget that your Tinyhawk comes in a custom Carbon fiber themed Carry case too for storage and easy transportation.

Emax TinyHawk is definitely a two thumbs up FPV Whoop.

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