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Eachine M80 RTF FPV Review

By Colski Drones, 29 Dec 2018 into General FPV Reviews in Reviews Watch on YouTube »

Review of the Eachine M80 RTF

Full specs are below:

Eachine M80S with its integrated camera/video transmitter and pre-installed LED tail light, it has everything you need and more for FPV fun.
3-flight mode free to switch(Acro Mode, Angle mode, Altitude Mode) makes flying simple while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce off walls and objects without crashing!
One key Rolling allows you to flip the quadcopter back upright after a crash by quickly reversing the motor direction.
New altitude hold flight mode manintains the distance from the ground, providing an intuitive flight experience.

Brand Name: Eachine
Item NO.: M80S
Wheelbase: 76mm
Weight: 40g (without battery)
Flight weight: 52g (Include battery)
Size: 100*100*50mm
Motor: 8520 Brush Motor
Prop Size: 44mm
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/3 inch Camera
Video Output format: PAL / NTSC
AV Wireless Transmitter: 5.8g 25mw 48ch
Batterry: 3.8V 500mah Lipo battery
Flight time: 6 minutes
With LED_Strip function

- One key Rolling will flip a crashed, upside down craft to an upright orientation at the push of a button, no more walk of shame!
- Three Flight Mode, Acro Mode, Angle mode, Altitude Mode can be switched freely.
- With Altitude Mode, Maintains distance from ground while providing self-leveling, perfect for beginners, make the flight more stable, expand the flight crowd.
- with 8.5mm brushed motors and larger pitch propellers for a much more powerful flight experience.
- New power system is fed by a 1S 500mAh High voltage batteries, reliable flight times form 6 minutes.
- Automatic stabilization
-The lightweight combo touts a 32 channel, 25mW video transmitter, a light and durable dipole antenna, and the 600 TVL camera has a 140° field of view.
- USB uses high voltage charger and comes with battery protection function, which can protect the battery to the maximum extent.
- The customized edition flight control design makes the flight more stable.
- Changes in the tail 3 color lights clearly show that the plane can fly for a few minutes.
- Durable airframe and quiet ducted fans protect the motors and propellers from bumps and crashes, while the enclosed canopy fully protects the camera, video transmitter, and flight controller.
- with customized edition Remote Control.

Package Included:
1 x Eachine M80 Frame Kit
1 x Flight controller
1 x Transmitter
4 x 8520 Brush Motor
1 x 5.8G 600VTX w/Camera antenna
4 x 44mm Propeller
1 x 3.8V 500mah Battery
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x User Manual

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