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FPV Review: T-MOTOR Spec Motor

By TheDutchViking, 15 Oct 2018 into General FPV Reviews in Reviews Watch on YouTube »

In this video, Luik and I review the 2310/2200 kv spec motor from T-MOTOR. We look at the package contents and build quality, then conduct a wattage test and flight performance review on the RiteWing Spec V3. This newly released brushless competition-grade motor was a joint collaboration between the FPVWRA and T-MOTOR, and we're stoked to have another motor in the sanctioned lineup for spec wing builds.

Thanks to Bonnie Wang at T-MOTOR for the two motors for this review. We're loving them.

Special thanks to our other sponsors for this video: APC Props, RiteWing, and Starbond Adhesives.

Also, special thanks to the music-makers who drive the beat of this review. The songs include:

Firefly by Jim Yosef
Link by Jim Yosef
Limitless by Elektronomia
Steep by David Cutter

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